Return on investment

Determining the cost of ownership and return on investment (ROI) is crucial in the high-tech decision making process.

Fabworx practices root-cause engineering, working to eliminate the reasons for product shortcomings rather than creating better band-aides. For example, our robot bearings generally last longer than four years not only due to superior bearing design, but also because we study the entire system to eliminate forces that cause bearing wear. All Fabworx products come with a two year warranty.

Fabworx Solutions analyzed the financial impact of upgrading a Centura® tool with a Fabhp robotic arm. A cost of ownership and return on investment model was generated using actual data provided by customers. This data was collected from several upgrades throughout multiple fabs over a period of twelve months.

The results of this analysis revealed that the Fabhp upgrade provides substantial ROI. This return is obtained as a result of improved performance in several areas:

  • Reliability is improved, providing a cost savings on replacement parts, labor and tool downtime.
  • Wafer placement repeatability is improved, reducing backside pressure faults and thus increasing tool availability.
  • Tool throughput is increased, effectively providing incremental capacity.
  • Wafer scratching due to robotic droop is eliminated, resulting in an immediate yield increase.
  • Wafer-handling-induced particles, another source of yield loss, are greatly reduced.


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