Reduce particles

Fabworx robots and component products incorporate several design improvements to reduce particle contamination.

Wafers rest on end effectors with three perfluoroelastomer o-rings that provide an exceptional coefficient of friction. O-rings are tighly secured using Fabworx's patented o-ring mounting system, and will not pull out. The wafer rests evenly and securely on o-rings, eliminating wafer sliding and associated nickel and aluminum contamination.

The 200mm Fabhp hub assembly design employs ceramic hybrid bearings with hardened 440 stainless steel races. These bearings have an extremely long life. Integral shields prevent vacuum grease migration, further reducing particles.

In 300mm, Fabworx's 8" hub bearings are shielded to prevent grease migration, reducing particles.

Wrist and elbow bearings on all Fabworx robot upgrade and components are enclosed to prevent particles from contaminating the chamber.