Pivot assembly

Fabworx Solutions offers a line of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-compatible component products designed to improve the performance of your existing robots.

Fabworx has redesigned the pivot assembly to upgrade an existing robot’s performance and increase bearing life. The Fabworx Solutions' pivot assembly includes pivots, bearings and all hardware necessary to install directly into the OEM wrist plates.

  • Fully compatible as a replacement part and intended to upgrade robot’s performance.
  • Snap-on cover eliminates inconsistencies in setup and increases bearing life.
  • Enclosed bearings reduce particle escape and potential contamination of wafers.
  • 2-bearing pivot assembly decreases future replacement costs as compared to 4-bearing OEM design.
  • Durability of ceramic bearings and stainless steel races allow for 3+ years of use without replacement or repair.
  • Tightness of x-style bearing reduces wrist droop.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty.
  • Compatible with Fabworx Solutions’ 200mm end effectors, or existing Applied Materials® end effector.

Pivot assemblies are available for HP®, HP+, HDP®, VHP® and VHP+ robots.


HP®, HDP® and VHP® are registered trademarks of Applied Materials, Inc.