Increase throughput

With smoother motion throughout and wafer sliding eliminated, Fabworx robot speeds can be safely increased. Arm extend and retract times of greater than 2.5-3.0 seconds can be reduced to 0.75 seconds, and rotational movement is similarly improved. The result is an overall tool wafer-per-hour (WPH) improvement of 5-25%. 


Increase Fab Capacity without Increasing the Number of Tools

Currently, many fabs in the world are not able to supply all the wafers they can sell. Increasing fab capacity is required, but space is limited.

Fabworx robots have consistently demonstrated an increase in throughput of 5% to 25% on Centura® and Endura® platforms. Further improvements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), yield, maintenance cost, and manpower requirements are also realized.

The throughput data below was collected from Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC. In July, 2006, Samsung upgraded to a Fabworx robot, resulting in an initial throughput increase of approximately 25%. With the robot out of the way, Samsung was then able to optimize other aspects of the tool such as slit valve open and close times, lift pin speed, and recipe stabilization time to gain additional throughput. The end result was a 65% increase in tool throughput.


Fabworx products provide an immediate return on investment (ROI), as they cost a fraction of an additional process tool. When a group of tools is collectively upgraded using Fabworx robots, the module’s capacity can often be increased by the equivalent of an entire tool without the associated cost, footprint and overhead.

The video below demonstrates the difference in speed between a standard Applied Materials® VHP® robot and the Fabhp-v robot performing the movements required to exchange a single wafer in a process chamber.

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