HP hub assembly

Fabworx Solutions offers a line of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-compatible component products designed to improve the performance of your existing robots.

The Fabhp hub assembly for HP® and HP+ robots improves bearing lifetime and wafer placement repeatability while reducing particles and motor sync errors.

  • Hybrid ceramic hub bearings increase product life span and reduce particle generation.
  • Integral shields increase race stiffness and help retain lubricant to further reduce particles.
  • Patented stainless steel hub spacers provide stiffness against twisting and distorting.
  • Increased spring force keeps the hub assembly vertically aligned to ensure bearing stability and reduce robot droop.
  • Upper and lower bearing spacers are pinned together to eliminate lateral motion during robot movement and improve wafer placement repeatability.
  • Upper and lower motors are locked in place with specifically designed brackets to eliminate motor jumping and twisting and improve wafer placement repeatability.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty.


 HP® is a registered trademark of Applied Materials, Inc.