The Fabpro robot for 200mm and 300mm Producer® SE platforms is designed to dramatically improve wafer placement repeatability, eliminate vibration in the arms, improve reliability, and allow for high-speed operation.

The result is higher yield and greater productivity. The Fabpro offers low ongoing maintenance costs at significantly longer rebuild intervals than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Smoother operation and 20% weight reduction allow for high-speed operation and potential throughput gain.

Elbow/Lower Arm

  • Proven elbow joint design with precision-machined components and pressed-fit bearings creates a tighter, stronger structure to reduce bearing wear and eliminate droop.
  • Bearings are enclosed to prevent particle contamination.
  • Arm leveling and z-height adjustments are made at the hub for easier, more repeatable setup.
  • Vibration is greatly reduced, eliminating wafer sliding and improving placement repeatability.


  • Long, unsupported wrist bands are replaced with a unique rod and band design to eliminate vibration, improve wafer placement repeatability, and extend lifetime.
  • Bearings are enclosed to protect from process deposition and prevent particle contamination.
  • End effector leveling adjustments are performed at the wrist for greater alignment accuracy and faster setup/teach time.
  • Left-right and front-back adjustability in right end effector ensures proper alignment with load locks and heater pedestals.

Hub Bearings

  • Hybrid ceramic bearings with hardened 440 stainless steel races provide long life and reduce particle generation.
  • Bearing shields help retain lubricant to further reduce particles.

End Effectors

Fabworx end effectors are available in stress-free 6061 bare aluminum, or anodized aluminum.


Patented with Additional Patents Pending

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