Fabht 300

The Fabht 300 robot for high-temperature 300mm platforms is designed to reduce particles, improve reliability, and eliminate all sources of robot droop. The result is improved yield, performance and productivity.


  • Improved lifetime and low ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Engineered to eliminate all sources of particles.
  • Side-to-side movement is reduced, improving wafer placement repeatability.
  • Robot droop is eliminated.
  • More than 30% reduction in robot weight lessens stress on hub, elbow and wrist bearings, extending lifetime.


  • Long, unsupported wrist bands are replaced with a unique stainless steel rod and band system to reduce thermal sensitivities and eliminate backlash.
  • Band guide channels are removed to eliminate the chance of wrist band scraping.
  • Improved bearing joint design eliminates droop, reduced side-to-side motion, and improves placement repeatability.
  • Wrist bearings are enclosed to prevent particles from getting onto wafers.
  • Patented end effector clamp allows for leveling at the wrist, resulting in greater precision and faster setup/teach time.

Elbow and Lower Arm

  • Proven elbow joint design with precision‐machined components and pressed‐fit bearings creates a tighter, stronger structure to reduce bearing wear and eliminate droop.
  • Bearings are enclosed to prevent particle contamination.
  • Independent pitch, roll, and z-adjust at hub connection for faster installation and setup.

Hub Bearings

  • Hybrid ceramic bearings with hardened 440 stainless steel races provide long life and reduce particle generation.
  • Bearing shields help retain lubricant to further reduce particles.

Patented with Additional Patents Pending