The Fabworx Solutions Fabhp for 150mm and 200mm Endura® and Centura® platforms is designed to dramatically improve reliability, contamination, repeatability/accuracy, throughput and droop.

The result is higher yield, greater productivity and a rapid return on investment (ROI). Robot speed can be dramatically increased with the Fabhp robot, often resulting in tool throughput improvements of 5-25%.

Elbow/Lower Arm

  • Precision-machined components and pressed-fit bearings create a tighter, stronger design that reduces bearing wear and eliminates droop.
  • Bearings are enclosed to prevent particle contamination.
  • Patented split lower-arm design automatically compensates for misalignment of the hub’s magnetic rings to eliminate premature bearing failure and ensure smooth operation.


  • Design eliminates any wrist preventive maintenance (PM) and wrist-related droop.
  • Patented interconnected stainless steel bands replace interlocking pivot gears with anti-backlash springs to eliminate side-to-side motion.
  • Ceramic bearings are used for long life and are enclosed to protect from process deposition and prevent particle contamination.
  • End effector leveling adjustments are performed at the wrist for greater alignment accuracy and faster setup/teach time.

Hub Bearings/Components

  • Hybrid ceramic bearings provide long life and reduce particle generation.
  • Integral bearing shields increase race stiffness and help retain lubricant to further reduce particles.
  • Patented stainless steel hub spacers are pinned together to eliminate lateral movement and provide greater stiffness against twisting and distorting.
  • Overall spring force is increased seven times to keep hub assembly vertically aligned, ensure bearing stability, and reduce robot droop.
  • Special brackets lock upper and lower motors in place to eliminate jumping and twisting, improve wafer placement repeatability, and reduce motor sync errors.

End Effector

Fabworx end effectors are available in stress-free 6061 bare aluminum, anodized aluminum, or thin-profile molybdenum for maximum clearance in the cassette. Fabworx will work with the customer to select the appropriate end effector for the process type.


As demonstrated in the video below, with smoother motion throughout and wafer sliding eliminated, Fabworx robot speeds can be safely increased. The result is an overall tool wafer-per-hour (WPH) improvement of 5-25%.

Patented with Additional Patents Pending
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