200mm wrist

The Fabworx 200mm wrist assembly is an upgrade to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 200mm robot and is designed to improve yield and productivity in Endura® and Centura® platforms.


  • Patented interconnected stainless steel bands replace interlocking pivot gears, improving reliability, droop and wafer placement repeatability.
  • Ceramic bearings are used for long life.
  • Bearings are enclosed to protect from process deposition and prevent particles from entering the process environment.
  • Compatible with the OEM or Fabworx end effector.
  • End effector leveling adjustments are performed at the wrist for greater alignment accuracy and faster setup time.
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) is eliminated.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty.

Wrist assemblies are available for 200mm HP®, HP+, VHP®, VHP+, and HDP Extended Reach robots.

Patented with Additional Patents Pending

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