About Fabworx

Fabworx Solutions designs and manufactures yield and productivity improvement products for existing fab equipment.

We are an engineering firm focused on wafer handling aspects of semiconductor production equipment. Our talents span a diverse range of disciplines, with special emphasis on robotics and automation.

Fabworx products today are designed as robot upgrades for mainstream fab equipment, and have been able to demonstrate several tool performance improvements including;

  • On-wafer particle reduction,
  • Elimination of wafer scratching,
  • Tool throughput gain,
  • Greater than four years of operation without maintenance, and
  • Significant improvement in wafer placement repeatability.

Fabworx practices root-cause engineering, working to eliminate the reasons for product shortcomings rather than creating better band-aides. Our robot bearings generally last longer than four years not only due to superior bearing design, but also because we study the entire system to eliminate forces that cause bearing wear.

In addition to robot upgrades, Fabworx offers a component product line designed to improve the performance of existing tools. Our component offerings include pivot assemblies, elbow assemblies, hub assemblies, hub bearings and end effectors.

Fabworx has recently developed innovative ways to hold a wafer securely in place on an end effector. This technology enables higher speed robot operation, often resulting in tool throughput increases of 5%-25%.

Fabworx has been shipping robots to fabs around the world since 2003 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Fabworx has direct offices in Singapore and Taiwan, as well as distribution partners worldwide. 

Contact us today to discuss how Fabworx can improve the yield and productivity of your fab equipment.